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June's box is carnival of love!

June 2020 Carnival Of Love

Unboxing coming soon!!!!   You have until may 31st to sign up and get yours for you and your lover!

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May 2020 Madly In love Box

We crafted a thoughtful date  of how Madly In Love you are with your special someone. We crafted a one of a kind date night with gourmet chocolates from Miel Bon Bons in Durham, NC to matching his and hers keychains and bracelets.  We wanted to remind you of your Madly In Love you are with each other even when you are apart.

February 2020 Valentine's Debut 

This was a whole bunch of love in a box.  It had something for each person to smell their best and take care of each other. his queen and her king was the theme. remember to always treat one another as such.